EARNED MEDIA UNLIMITED was founded to allow for its clients to maximize the benefits received in business development, investor relations, marketing, media and public relations, and community affairs from "...favorable publicity gained through promotional efforts, other than advertising, as opposed to paid media, which refers to publicity gained through advertising."

The effectiveness of earmed media was recently demonstrated for a new client. In a two-month period, the client appeared on"Good Morning America" on August 4th, was mentioned in Parade magazine on August 2nd, had an op-ed appear in The Baltimore Sun on June 21st, another op-ed appear in The Washington Post on June 7th, was interviewed by National Public Radio, followed closely by all four local television stations with many segments airing, and enjoyed massive coverage by the regional press. Before there had only been scant coverage in community papers.

Earned Media can include placing stories with the media, press events, op-eds, regular columns, newsletters,  etc...  The founder of EARNED MEDIA UNLIMITED, Jonathan Yates, has mastered the craft of the media pitch, with over one hundred op-eds, articles, etc... appearing in publications such as Newsweek, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, among others. These do not include the many others he has written for the byline of an employer or client. One article he wrote on international capital flows for American Politics magazine was placed in the Congressional Record by Senator James Exon, who called it "...the best article on foreign investing I have ever read."

While Mr. Yates has been successful in placing articles under his byline and other's since his early 20s into major periodicals such as Newsweek, Foreign Policy, The New York Times and The Washington Post, the true benefit of earned media is in utilizing the trade press that caters to an industry group and the local papers that serve a community to attain goals in marketing, public relations, and business development. These periodicals have the highest saturation rate for a target group and are also the most widely read. In addition, these papers are much more willing to publish pieces submitted from outside sources.

One of the keys to his own publishing success and that of the clients' of EARNED MEDIA UNLIMITED, is the "boots-on-the-ground" approach. Too many press and media professionals feel that firing off a once-a-week press release and returning reporter phone calls within twenty four hours is doing their job. It is the employer and client who suffers from this methodology.

With the "boots-on-the-ground" approach, media outlets are visited as often as possible. Mr. Yates did this while press secretary for Representative Tom McMillen who had been elected by less than 1% and had six of the seven newspapers in his district endorse his opponent. Weekly, Mr. Yates would drive to meet with assignment editors at the district newspaper, television, and radio offices. He would ask them, "What can we do to make your job easier?"

Through this approach, Representative McMillen won reelection with over 80% of the vote and received every newspaper endorsement. He had weekly columns that ran in the Pennysaver (given away at grocery stores), high school newspapers, senior citizen facility newsletters, etc... Mr. Yates worked with local television stations to generate extensive coverage of the Annapolis boat show and the Westinghouse Naval Airship, both critical matters in the district of Representative McMillen.

After op-eds and other submissions are placed in periodicals, EARNED MEDIA UNLIMITED then endeavors to distribute copies to other interested parties. For example, if an article on international trade regulations was placed for a law firm, copies of it after its publication would then be sent to potential clients. Through this effort, clients of EARNED MEDIA UNLIMITED can generate additional business and maintain a presence in the target media market. Politicians can send their published articles to their voter lists and issue group memberships to engender support.